I have always been against having a blog of any kind, but I feel like my writing skills could use some practice. So this is an attempt to force myself to develop a voice and writing style as I put some of my thoughts on UX, UI, product design, and working as an in-house designer at Qualtrics out into the void of the interwebs. 

Who Am I?

I am a UI Designer living in the heart of Happy Valley, Utah. I believe design makes the world a better place. I like watching cartoons with my kids, riding bikes, skiing, and designing things... not necessarily in that order. Currently, I am working at a tech company in Provo, Utah called Qualtrics. We are an enterprise insight software company that focuses on customer, market and employee insights. I know... it may sound a little boring at first. But it isn't. At all. To be given the keys to drive the design of a billion-dollar tech company is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Currently, we are in the middle of a massive UI design overhaul and it has been an amazing experience. As we prepare to release a new experience to customers, we are hoping it will be embraced with open arms. But I am sure some of our users will hate it. Change is always hard for people. I get it.

In Conclusion

I hope the new user experience we are about to launch makes our product more delightful for our customers to use. For every ten people that hate the redesign, I hope there is one that absolutely LOVES it. The other nine will get used to it eventually :)


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