UX is the New Black

Is it just me, or does it seems like there has been a recent push for increasingly more user minded product design. Gone are the days of designing a functional product that users will figure out eventually. That is not enough. Users (a.k.a. Humans) need to be able to use a product without thinking more than they are willing to. As more and more companies begin to realize this, there seems to be a shortage of UX Designers in the world. This has led to something amazing. And that is the recent emergence of UX firms. As I see it, these firms are going to be really busy for the unforeseeable future. And good for them, I say. Anything that leads to a better overall web experience for everyone. I support these kinds of usability trends much more than any visual style trends that may come and go. In fact, I'll go even further... My hope is that increasingly better user experiences becomes a standard instead of a trend.


Header image provided by New Old Stock