A couple of years ago i had a conversation with some smart dudes i was working with at a startup called cycleface. We were talking about user interfaces like a bunch of nerds, and at one point during the conversation someone said "the best ui is no ui." this idea has haunted me from that day. 


Now this is the part that gets a little scary. As a ui designer, the best thing i could ever design would be totally invisible to everyone that uses it? How can this be? As designers, we generally want to be recognized for what we do. This is a hard concept to wrap my head around.  


There is always talk about design trends and what we should expect next. This is where words like skeuomorphism, flat and semi-flat design are tossed around. The commom thought seems to be that skeuomorphism will be back in the next few years, but there is little talk about the no-ui trend. I am probably way off base here, but my money is on invisible design over skeuo. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Or make it happen...


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